How to Explore Kauai’s “Jurassic World” Filming Locations

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When “Jurassic World” hit theaters in 2015, it had been long anticipated as the latest installment of the Jurassic Park franchise. More than a decade had passed since the release of the last movie in the series, making fans all the more excited to see dinosaurs on the big screen again. The Hawaiian Island of Kauai provided the setting for many of the movie’s visually stunning scenes.

Aerial Shot of Napali Coast at Sunset (Kauai, Hawaii)

1) The Na Pali Cliffs

Towering 4,000 feet above sea level in some places, the magnificent cliffs of the Na Pali Coast were showcased in aerial shots for “Jurassic World.” This spectacular, lush portion of Kauai’s north shore represented the fictional Isla Nublar for the series. Adventurous travelers can see this area from the sky (Air Ventures Hawaii offers helicopter tours), from the sea (Blue Dolphin Charters and Holo Holo Charters offer boat tours), or on foot (via a challenging but breathtaking 11-mile hike along the Kalalau Trail).

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Aerial view of tropical Manawaiopuna Falls, also called Jurassic Park Falls, in Kauai, Hawaii, USA.

2) Manawaiopuna Falls

Now nicknamed “Jurassic Park Falls,” Manawaiopuna Falls appeared in both the original movie and the 2015 sequel. The Hanapepe Valley, on the south side of the island, is home to this 400-foot-tall natural wonder. Although the falls are located on privately-owned property, Island Helicopters has a contract allowing them to land so that visitors can experience a bit of the rainforest surrounding their pool.

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3) Olokele Canyon

Also on private land, the Olokele Canyon is accessible only by helicopter. This rugged landscape is owned by the Robinson family, who also own the neighboring “forbidden” island of Niihau. Some of Blue Hawaiian Helicopters’ tours fly over this nature preserve, pictured in the “Jurassic Park” and “Jurassic World” scenes involving the electrified fence.

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4) Moreton Bay Fig Trees

The Moreton Bay fig trees in Kauai’s Allerton Garden were also featured in both the original “Jurassic Park” and “Jurassic World.” As part of the National Tropical Botanical Garden in south Kauai, these unique trees can be seen via guided tour. Visitors familiar with the movie series will recognize them as the backdrop for a dinosaur egg nest.

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Regardless of how many of the dinosaurs’ surroundings you choose to see, you’ll find an exotic, otherworldly destination in Kauai!


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