Maui Pineapple Tours: Where To Pick The Best!

12/19/2017 | by Conrad O'Connell | Local Tips Maui

Pineapples are tasty and juicy, which is why they are among the favorite fruits to enjoy during your time in Hawaii. Many of us are aware of the health benefits of pineapples, including their richness in Vitamin C that can help fight infections and strengthen our immune system.

If you are planning a trip to the beautiful island of Maui or you are already here, you should not miss the chance to experience one of the most enjoyable activities you can do: Pineapple picking. The Maui pineapple tours are quite interesting as they present to enhance your knowledge about this delicious fruit. You can also taste pineapples while on the tour and even bring home a pineapple back to your vacation rental.

Whether you are looking for a fun things to do while in Maui or you want to see a pineapple farm, there is one tour that will satisfy your need:

Maui Gold Pineapple Tours

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There is nothing like Maui Gold pineapples, as these fruits are born and raised on the island. It is where you can taste extra-sweet pineapples unlike the ones you have already tried before. Plus, the owners of the farm claim that they have fruits with three times more the vitamin C compared to the regular pineapples grown in other parts of the world.

The pineapples are also much-admired because of their low acidity, which is not a common trait in most tropical fruits.

The tour can last from 1.5 to two hours and staff of the plantation lead it with their colorful commentary that will give you information about its history and other facts. You can even get fun trivia from them, which you may not have heard of anywhere (even if you’ve been to Hawaii before).

The tour is not complete without seeing and tasting the pineapples that naturally grow in the fields. Currently, Maui Gold is the only farm in the United States that you can tour. Maui Gold is found at the Hali’imaile Pineapple Plantation, which is actually what you will visit to see the growing pineapples.

After the tour, you will definitely leave with fingers that are sticky, especially if you tried the pineapples in the area. You will also get a Maui Gold as you drive back to your vacation rental. Even better, you have gained more knowledge about pineapples, which you can use when you are back home. Some of the tips that are popular among the attendees of these Maui pineapple tours is how to select a good pineapple when shopping.

You will also learn about the best way to cut the fruit and how you can core it properly. If you are planning to grow your own pineapples at home, you can even find out how to do it by using the crown of the fruit you just ate.

Here are more details about the tour:

Location: 883 Hali’imaile Road, Hali’imaile, HI 96768

Cost: Adults pay $65, while children from five to 12 years old pay $55. For those who will enjoy lunch together with the tour, the adults will pay $85 while the rate for children is $70. Additional sales tax of 4.1% is added to the total price of the tour.

When: There are two tours scheduled every day. The first one is from 9:30 AM to 11 AM and the other one is from 11:45 AM to 1:15 PM.

Other Features: The tour can be booked with lunch at the Hali’imaile General Store, which is a restaurant of Bev Gannon who is one of the acclaimed chefs in Maui.

One of the things that make the tour quite unique is the added experience that comes with it. The mentioned restaurant is a famous place to eat, too. Reservations are required however guests can book through the phone.

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Included in the restaurant reservation is the chance to choose from one entrée. The available choices are:

“Tropical Shrimp Salad” with coconut shrimp as the main ingredient. Other items in this dish are golden raisins, water chestnuts, and crispy wontons.

“Upcountry Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad” which is a special version of the restaurant. If you are used to the original version, there is no need to worry because it is close to the standard dish. What makes it stand out is that it has garlic croutons that are made from home and asiago cheese that has been freshly grated.

“Crab and Rock Shrimp Cake over Spinach Salad” with mango remoulade and dressed in honey sesame.

“Cubawaiian Sandwich” with Kalua style pork, pickled pineapple, and barbecue wasabi aioli among the tasty ingredients.

“Thai Turkey Leaf” which consists of green curry, green onion, sweet chili slaw, seasoned fries, and cilantro.

New choices have been recently added as requested by the participants of the tour. One of the favorite selections is the Crab Pizza, which is the famous pizza from the restaurant and it comes with the House Salad as its delectable side dish. The pizza crust measures six inches in total and the salad has orange segments, shaved onions from Maui, toasted walnuts, and fresh island greens.

There you have it: here is where you can enjoy a pineapple tour on Maui, have a great meal and visit the local farming community. It’s a family-friendly activity that all will enjoy during your Maui vacation!

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