Attracting Repeat Visitors to Your Vacation Rental

04/11/2018 | by Courtney Dennis | Vacation Rentals

In comparison to first-time guests, returning guests offer a couple of distinct advantages to property owners: first, they’ve already established that they can be trusted with your home, and second, other potential guests may find their positive reviews especially persuasive. Here are a few ideas for increasing the number of visitors who stay in your vacation rental repeatedly.

First, make sure the property looks just as good in person as it did in pictures, so that guests feel they’re getting a great return on what they paid for their stay. Your vacation rental should be immaculately clean, with everything (like appliances) in perfect working order, and spare essentials (like light bulbs and batteries) readily available. The home should be stocked with at least two of everything (plates, glasses, bath towels, etc.) for each guest, plus extras like bug spray and a first aid kit. Upscale touches (such as high-quality linens and bath products) as well as unexpected bonus amenities (like golf clubs, coolers, board games, etc.) are also sure to impress.

It may be helpful to find out in advance whether guests will be celebrating something special during their visit, so you can give them a surprise like a bottle of champagne. They’ll also appreciate complimentary concierge services that make it easy for them to book activities and make reservations. Other necessities include an in-person greeting when they arrive, a welcome gift, and a local contact who can provide quick assistance with any issues that might pop up.

In short, as we say in Hawaii, guests should be treated as part of the ohana (family). If they experience high-quality service coupled with beautiful and comfortable surroundings, no doubt they’ll remember your property and want to come back!

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