Elite Pacific’s Extenuating Circumstances Policy regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Welcoming you to Hawaii: Travel and Policy updates


March 15, 2021


Hawaii is now open for travel and we love welcoming you to our islands. Before we start planning your trip, we wanted to share some essential information which may affect your travel plans. You will also find information related to previously scheduled reservations and how we can assist you with changing your itinerary, if needed.


What are the current mandates for the State of Hawaii?

Travel restrictions and regulations surrounding short term rentals may vary by county (island) and change frequently. The State has launched a pre-testing program to bypass the mandatory quarantine.


Guests may not quarantine in short-term rentals while waiting for test results. Travelers with long-term reservations may be able to quarantine in the rented property. Cancellation due to failure to obtain test results within the allotted time are non-refundable.


How do I bypass the quarantine?

Check the official Hawaii Covid 19 website regularly up to your arrival for the most accurate and up-to-date information: https://hawaiicovid19.com/travel/#travel-FAQs


  • Obtain a valid test through a trusted partner within the allotted time frame. 
  • Make sure to reference the Trusted Partner page as only tests from these partners will be accepted: https://hawaiicovid19.com/travel-partners/
  • Register your trip with the Hawaii Safe Travels website: https://travel.hawaii.gov/
  • Complete your Health Screening on the Safe Travels website within 24 hours of your departure.
  • Upload your test results or have a hard copy of your test results in hand prior to your departure.


Failure to meet any of the above criteria along with any rules outlined on the Hawaii Covid 19 website will result in a mandatory 10 day quarantine period upon arrival

  • We are unable to provide access to any guest who requires quarantine, and will be checking your exempt status prior to check in.
  • There is no early release once results are received and we are unable to accommodate guests who require quarantine in a Short Term Vacation Rental. 

Cancellation due to failure to obtain test results within the allotted time, per the State rules are non-refundable.


Have you changed your cleaning policies in light of the COVID 19 Pandemic?

Elite Pacific Vacations has always held itself to extremely high standards when it comes to thoroughly cleaning our properties and welcoming guests into our vacation homes. 

Our commitment to providing safe and healthy environments for our guests continues through combining our rigorous cleaning standards with additional sanitation measures in our Elite Clean Initiative. We want you, our guest, to know exactly what we are doing before we greet you into our properties so you can enjoy your stay in comfort and with peace of mind.

  • Self Check-Ins Available
  • Additional training for all cleaners and property managers
  • Proper PPE Use
  • EPA approved products


I booked my trip before the COVID pandemic and can’t travel. What are my options?

We know many of our guests book their stays many months in advance, and we couldn’t have predicted such a long period of quarantine and travel restrictions. If your reservation is impacted, we are able to offer our extenuating circumstances policy which provides flexible rebooking options.


For reservations that booked on or before March 14th, 2020, with check in dates on or before October 15, 2020, on the following platforms:  

  • Elite Pacific Vacations website (evrhi.com)
  • VRBO
  • Homeaway
  • Direct inquiries to Elite Pacific Vacations
  • Reservations made with Travel agents or other referral sources where Elite Pacific Properties is responsible for collecting reservation funds.


Rebook with Confidence: If your reservation is covered by the extenuating circumstances policy we are offering the ability to rebook your stay at the same property within 18 months of the original travel dates using a voucher in the amount of the original reservation. When rebooking. Some restrictions will apply. Please email reservationsupport@elitepacific.com if you need to reschedule your stay.


What if I booked on a platform other than those specified? Elite Pacific Vacations is not the merchant of record on any of the other booking platforms, which means that we do not dictate the terms of refund due to cancellations. You must reach out to the platform where your booking originated to determine the cancellation policy that applies. Fortunately, most companies have created policies related to extenuating circumstances. Here are a few from our top partners: