Hawaii Fishing Spots: The Local’s Choice

Photo credit: leesean on Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/leesean/26959576362)

Photo credit: leesean on Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/leesean/26959576362)

Fishing in Hawaii is a popular diversion in addition to being a deeply rooted cultural practice. Hawaiians have depended on fish for sustenance throughout history and to this day many families still fish to feed their families, especially within the Native Hawaiian community. Tourists need to respect this equal hobby and lifestyle and abide by fishing regulations. While it is not necessary to obtain a license for saltwater fishing in Hawaii (regulations apply to mostly commercial fishing, check the rules for more details), there are still seasonal regulations, restricted areas, and minimum sizes and weights.

While there are plentiful fishing boat charters and tours to take you out on the water, fishing from the shore is one of the easiest, cheapest, and most enjoyable ways to get the most out of what Hawaii has to offer. The salt waters are teeming with blue marlin, striped marlin, sea trout, channel catfish, giant trevally, butterfly peacock bass, snapper, unicorn fish, and even sharks. Let’s look at some of the best local shoreline fishing spots around the state.

Fishing Spots On The Big Island

  • Smoking Rock: This popular place requires a bit of hiking but is worthwhile for those looking to catch good-sized ulua.
  • Keahou Harbor: Both the pier and the rock wall offer options to catch angel fish, manini and yellow tang.
  • South Point: Easily one of the most favored local spots, enjoy fishing for plentiful red snapper ulua.
  • Spencer Beach Park: Remarked for its consistency, the fish always seem to be biting here.
  • Onekahakaha Beach Park: This location is favored by anglers.

Fishing Spots On Kauai

  • Waimea Pier: A great destination for shark fishing enthusiasts as the area is chock full of hammerheads.
  • Ahukini Recreation Pier: Located in Lihue, this is an ideal crabbing spot. Also a popular place to catch mullet and akule.
  • Anahola Bay: Fed by the Anahola River, this is a great fishing spot especially during the early morning or late evening hours.
  • Hanalei Pier: An ideal summertime fishing destination, this location offers bigeye scad as well as ulua and much more.
  • Nawiliwili Harbor: This convenient location is a popular fishing spot but be aware of netting regulations.
  • Anini Beach: This scenic fishing spot is also great for camping, swimming, and paddling.
  • Papaa Bay: Accessible via North Aliomanu Beach, a short hike is worth the beautiful views and consistent catches.

Fishing Spots On Maui

  • Lahaina Beach: This area is remarked for its variety including triggerfish and parrotfish and it is also very easily accessible.
  • Makena Landing: Popular for kayak fishing.
  • Black Rock: This place is teeming with mackerel, trigger fish, and perch.
  • Kamaole Park: Chock full of octopus, opelu and akule, this location is popular for evening and nighttime fishing.

Fishing Spots On Oahu

  • Pearl Harbor: Remarked for a concentration of Samoan crabs, ladyfish, greenjack and goatfish. There are options to fish off the pier or the beach.
  • Kahuku Point: Shrimp and fish congregate here.
  • Bamboo Ridge: Located between Hanauma Bay and Sandy Beach, this place is an ulua lover’s paradise.
  • Ewa Beach Park: This location is known for consistent catches, albeit frequently smaller fish.

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