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Riley Bloom

Property Manager

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Riley specializes in luxury investment properties on the island of Oahu.

As an Oahu local, Riley's focus on real estate investments started during his education at Iolani School and Whittier College, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Business with a minor in Economics. Growing up in a multicultural environment also taught Riley the importance of foreign languages. As a result, Riley spent a portion of his time at Whittier studying abroad in Germany and Japan.

Riley's education naturally led him to pursue a career in real estate investments where his enthusiasm in helping people acquire and manage their real estate investments is evident in his focus on the details.

Prior to joining Elite Pacific, Riley managed a large portfolio of diverse properties. His experiences taught him to maintain outstanding customer service through detailed communication, consistent follow through and Aloha Spirit.

Riley was inspired to join Elite Pacific by the innovative leadership and the extensive support the company provides to agents. As partners, Riley knows that he and Elite Pacific will create greater opportunities for clients' success.

When he is not in the office, Riley loves to spend time in the ocean, surfing or fishing. Riley also enjoys barbecuing and hanging out with his family and friends and is also passionate about his volunteer service with Hui Mahi'ai Aina, whose mission is to improve the quality of life for those in need in the Waimanalo community.


"Over decades as a nursing professor and healthcare administrator, I have written many of letters of recommendation. This is the first unsolicited letter I have written. Riley’s comportment, knowledge of his job duties, and professional behavior belie his young age. For example, he informed me of relevant aspects of Hawaii’s Landlord-Tenant Code in a conversational but matter-of-fact tone. He is conscientious and non-judgmental, qualities that are difficult to teach but are innate in Riley: he responds quickly to calls, texts and emails; he follows through with questions and concerns; he is able to assess and weigh multiple perspectives of an issue. In my family’s situation, he is juggling a tenant, realtor, property owners in California, and a fix-it person. Finally, Riley’s emails are clear, concise, and well-organized. In other words, he writes well. Riley has been the third or fourth manager of our property, and the first to engage as an informed professional. He is a keeper – and if he were my supervisee, I would work with him as a mentee. Sincerely, Lucy Fisher, RN, PhD"- Lucy Fisher, RN, PhD

"He was a much welcomed, and appreciated agent. I found Riley to be professional, yet always empathic to the tenant as well. I lived on Oahu for ~14 years. During that time, I dealt with 3 other property management companies. I have nothing good to say about any of those companies. They were concerned with 1 thing, and 1 thing only, rent payment on time, and nothing else. Moving is a huge ordeal for the majority of people, it is usually 1 of the largest things happening in someone’s life @ that moment. After living on Oahu for 16 years, moving to the eastern coast of the USA this was a very stressful time for me. Riley did an amazing job of working with me as much as possible, and yet continuing to represent the company’s issues and perspective while showing empathy to me as well. Riley did an amazing job of working with me as much as possible, and yet continuing to represent the company’s issues and perspective while showing empathy to me as well. I am very appreciative to Riley for not placing any undue and additional stress during my move. If I find myself in the future looking for another place to live in Hawaii, I would gladly reach out to Riley for any listings he would manage at that time to continue to support and do business with Riley. Riley could be an amazing model, and train all of your agents on how to represent your company to all & future clients. Thank you for hiring amazing professionals like Riley!! Vr/s, Earl "- Earl

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