Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

All online bookings are subject to manager approval, and will be confirmed or declined within 24 hours. Rates and fees are subject to change.

TERMS: The following definitions will apply: “Agent” refers to Elite Pacific Properties LLC dba Elite Vacation Rentals, a limited liability company duly organized and existing under the laws of the State of Hawaii, having its administrative place of business at 4211 Waialae Ave. Ste. 106, Honolulu, HI 96816. “Owner” refers to the legal owner of the Property; “Guest” refers to the person or persons occupying the Property; and “Property” refers to the real property, its contents and related amenities rented to the Guest.

RENTER REQUIREMENTS: For legal and accounting purposes, the person placing the reservation must be the same as the credit/debit card holder. This person is considered to be the Guest. All other persons involved with the rental are considered to be the Guest's invitees, and all discussion regarding reservation, cancelation, and damage policies will be discussed with the Guest, not the Guest's invitees. The Guest understands that Elite Pacific Properties rents to responsible adults over the age of 21 ONLY.

MINIMUM RENTAL PERIOD: Minimum stay requirements vary by property. On Oahu, the City and County of Honolulu regulations require a minimum 30-day rental agreement for properties outside of resort-zoned areas. Therefore your rental agreement will be for a minimum of 30 days. Please see Special Terms for Oahu 30-Day Rentals Only.

CREDIT CARD POLICY: A credit card is required regardless of how the reservation is being paid for and is used for payment of incidentals and other charges in connection with your stay. Please see Guest Acknowledgement and Credit Card Authorization.

BOOKING DEPOSIT PAYMENT: A 30% Booking Deposit of the total charges is required to confirm the reservation. The Final Balance is due 90 days prior to arrival. Any reservations made within 90 days of arrival are due in full in order to have a confirmed reservation. Some exceptions may apply. Please see Special Terms for Montage Bookings Only.

FINAL BALANCE PAYMENT, IF APPLICABLE: The Final Balance of total charges is due 90 days prior to check-in. If you do not make other payment arrangements, your credit card on file will automatically be charged the final balance on the due date. If you plan on using a different payment method to pay the final balance, please contact your Reservations Manager. Please note that if you do not make scheduled check, eCheck or wire transfer payments by the due date, your credit card will be charged for the remaining balance.

DAMAGE POLICY: As a condition to the rental of all Vacation Properties, Elite Pacific Properties reserves the right to charge the Guest’s credit card for any and all Guest/Invitee-caused losses and damages sustained to the Vacation Property throughout the duration of their period of occupancy. In the event of any Guest/Invitee-caused loss or damage to the Vacation Property, including, but not limited to, undue cleaning, eviction, service calls, service charges, fines/assessments, repairs or replacements, plus all applicable taxes, Elite Pacific Properties is hereby granted the right to charge the Guest’s credit card.

Some rentals require a refundable security deposit. Inquire with your Reservations Manager. If a security deposit has been made, no portion may be applied to additional rental time or fees or other charges accrued by the Guest/Invitees. The entire deposit will be refunded if:

(1) no damage was done to the property other than reasonable wear and tear,
(2) all keys are accounted for,
(3) no items were missing,
(4) all doors and windows were closed and secured upon departure,
(5) all check out procedures were followed,
(6) all Rental Agreement policies were followed,
(7) no miscellaneous charges were incurred, e.g., unpaid rental fees, guests or pets, additional cleaning fees, or other charges.

If a security deposit has been made and the Guest/Invitee caused losses and damages exceed the security deposit amount, Elite Pacific Properties reserves the right to charge the Guest’s credit card for the difference. Upon request, an itemized statement outlining all associated costs will be sent via regular or electronic mail to the address submitted by the Guest at such time as the reservation was booked. By written or electronic endorsement of this Agreement, the Guest hereby agrees to pay for all such charges, as defined above and on the proceeding pages.

UPON ARRIVAL: Take a look around the unit. If there are concerns or issues with your rental property, please contact the property manager immediately (leave a message if there is no answer). Contact information can be found in your Arrival Instructions. No refunds or considerations are given unless we are notified of problems during your stay. Upon request, we will provide a form for you to document any pre-existing damage so you won’t be held responsible, as well as a claim form for any damage that happens during your stay (if you purchased the Vacation Rental Damage insurance).

EMERGENCIES/MAINTENANCE: In the event of a problem getting in the unit or if there are problems with condition or functionality of the unit, please immediately contact the Property Manager (leave a voice message and send a text message if there is no answer). Property Manager’s contact information is listed in the Arrival Instructions you will be sent prior to check-in.

ARRIVAL TIME: Arrival times vary. Please refer to your Arrival Instructions. Unless you have specifically arranged for an early arrival time, please do not arrive at the property before your scheduled check in time.

DEPARTURE TIME: Departure times vary. Please refer to your Arrival Instructions. Your prompt departure is appreciated so we can prepare the unit for any incoming guests. If you have not arranged for a late check out, you may be charged $35 for each hour beyond the check out time that you are still on property, at a minimum of one hour. If the unit has not been vacated by 4 pm, a fee equal to the rental rate of 2 ½ days may be assessed.

NO SMOKING: Guest agrees that there is to be no smoking in the unit, on any lanais, or on the property during occupancy. Guest will be responsible for any damage to the property caused by cigarettes and/or cigarette smoke

POOLS/SPAS: If a Pool or Spa is available, Guest and other invitees shall use the pool or spa at their own risk.  Guest shall not permit use of the pool or spa by unsupervised children or other guests.

CANCELLATION POLICY:Guest shall inform Agent in writing of Guest’s intention to cancel the reservation. For reservations made through third parties, additional cancellation policies may apply. The cancellation policy is as follows:

(1) If Cancellation notice is received ninety or more days (90+) prior to the check-in date, a cancellation fee equal to 10% of the Reservation Total will be forfeited and the balance will be refunded within 7 days from receipt of written cancellation.

(2) If Cancellation notice is received less than ninety days (0-89) prior to the check-in date, the full booking amount of rent and taxes will be forfeited. The Security Deposit and any pre-collected cleaning fees will be refunded within 7 days from receipt of written cancellation. As courtesy to our Guest, if Agent is able to rebook any portion of the canceled reservation, Guest will be refunded to the extent that Agent is able to re-book the Property.

(3) Owner/Agent Cancellation Policy: In the unlikely event that the Property becomes unavailable for any part of the tenancy for reasons beyond the control of the Agent, Owner and/or Agent may cancel this Agreement and refund in full to the Guest all payments made. Agent will assist in procuring similar alternative accommodation should this situation arise. Guest agrees that any claims against Owner/Agent arising out of performance or non-performance under this agreement shall be limited to a full refund of all consideration previously tendered by Guest.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: To offer you the best services possible, we strictly adhere to our cancellation policy. However, to help protect your vacation investment you may want to purchase travel insurance to cover the costs of any potential changes to your itinerary. Travel Insurance reimburses you for pre-paid, non-refundable expenses due to certain unforeseeable circumstances that may jeopardize your vacation investment and force you to incur unplanned expenses. Coverage can typically be added at the time of reservation or shortly thereafter, but not right before the trip.

For more information on the Travel Insurance Plan visit www.suntrippreserver.com.

CHANGE POLICY: Any request to change dates will be based on availability and timeliness of the request. Requests made more than 90-days prior to arrival will be made without penalty and will require a $150 Reservation Change Fee for the administrative costs associated with modifying a reservation and notifying all parties involved. Change requests made 0-90 days prior to arrival will require owner approval, a $150 Reservation Change Fee and if there is any reduction in the number of nights booked, guest will not be eligible for a refund on those nights as the standard Cancellation Policy would apply, as shown above.

(1) EXTENSION: The length of your stay may be extended subject to availability; however, there will be additional rental charges, taxes, and cleaning fees collected prior to extension start date in order to confirm extension.

(2) REDUCTION: All reductions in your length of stay must be submitted in writing more than 90 days prior to arrival, and are subject to a minimum stay. Adjustments in nightly rental rate may apply when reducing the total number of nights rented. Reductions in your length of stay made 0-90 days prior to arrival will not result in a refund or reduction of rent and taxes.

POWER/ WEATHER RELATED CANCELATION: Elite Pacific Properties does NOT issue refunds due to acts of nature such as: weather, road conditions, hurricanes, power outages etc, but Travel Insurance does provide some protection against these instances. If the property is deemed uninhabitable by Elite Pacific Properties due to such circumstances and you did not purchase insurance, reservations can be rescheduled for future dates within one year of the reservation date. If the new dates are booked at a higher rental rate, you are responsible for paying the difference in the rental rates. If the new dates are booked at a lower rental rate, no refunds will be given.

CONSTRUCTION: Agent and Owner are not responsible for any construction noise beyond the Property. Guest acknowledges that Agent and Owner have no control over the hours of work or noise level of any construction beyond the Property. Audible construction noise shall not void or negate this Agreement, nor shall it serve as a basis for claim for refund, price reduction, or other compensation.

PRIVATE PROPERTY: Guest acknowledges that the accommodation is a privately owned home or condominium as opposed to a hotel. As such, hotel-like amenities such as daily cleaning and bell service are not provided. Additional services can be requested with advance notice at an additional cost.

PROPERTY CONDITION: A Property Condition Form must be completed and returned to Agent within 24 hours of arrival, wherein any existing damages or deficiencies must be reported. At check-out, Guest must leave the property in tidy condition, similar to that at move in. Cleaning crews will handle all major cleaning of linens, towels, kitchens, floors, and bathrooms. However, excessive cleaning will be billed at $30/hour and will be charged to the Guest.

REPAIR AND SERVICE CALLS: Agent and owner do not guarantee against mechanical or electrical failure of air conditioning, fans, lights, televisions, VCRs, DVDs, or other equipment. Guest agrees to report any inoperative items to Agent promptly, and Agent agrees to make every effort to have maintenance done quickly and efficiently. Should a repair person conclude that equipment is in working order, or that failure was due to the actions of the Guest, then the charge for the service call will be billed to Guest and Guest agrees to pay the charge. No refund or rent deduction will be made due to the failure of such equipment.

LEFT ITEMS: Please check carefully for belongings before you leave. Left items can be mailed to you if requested and you will be charged shipping costs plus a $10 service fee. Elite Pacific Properties is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

PROPERTY FOR SALE: If a property is for sale, the owner reserves the right to have the property shown to prospective buyers. The property manager will contact you to make arrangements to schedule the showing at a convenient time.

RIGHT TO ENTER: If necessary, Owner or Agent or their designated vendors may enter the property in order to inspect or make necessary or requested repairs. Owner or Agent will give Guest at least 24 hours minimum notice before entering the Property, and will only enter during reasonable hours except in the case of emergency. Regular vendors to the property including, pool, yard, and cleaning services shall be allowed to enter at normally scheduled times.

OCCUPANCY: The Property is for the sole use as a personal vacation residence for families and responsible adults. Guest acknowledges that they will personally occupy the Property for the entire length of stay and will not sublet. Tenant shall not use the Property for any illegal or unlawful purpose, nor shall the Property be used in a fashion that disturbs or offends the neighbors. Occupancy is restricted to a maximum number of Guests per property, which is not to exceed two guests per bedroom unless otherwise specified. Certain properties offer tiered rental rates based on number of Guests. For these properties occupancy is restricted to the number of Guests listed at the time of booking. Additional Guests are subject to Agent approval and will incur an extra nightly rate. A list of the first and last names of ALL persons occupying the property is required at the time of booking with additional Guest names required in writing prior to check-in.

ENVIRONMENTAL DISCLOSURE: Guest(s) hereby acknowledge the State of Hawaii is exposed to such environmental hazards including but not limited to Tidal Wave/Tsunami, Hurricane and Flood. Please refer to the local phone book regarding inundation area and evacuation instructions should a threat occur. We recommend Travelers Insurance for any unforeseen circumstances. Because we are in the Tropics, you may encounter geckos, and other pests. Our properties are treated regularly for pest control maintenance; however, pests are a normal part of life in the tropics. Elite Pacific Properties does not issue refunds due to the presence of pests in the Property.

MAIL AND DELIVERIES: Elite Pacific Properties is not responsible for mail or deliveries sent to the property before, during or after Guest stays. Guest(s) hereby acknowledge that mail may not be deliverable to certain properties, and in no circumstance will Elite be held liable for mail that is lost, damaged, delayed or returned to sender.

SPECIAL REQUESTS AND SERVICES: Any special services requested by Guest(s) which Agent is able to perform, may be performed at a rate of $75/hour plus applicable taxes, for management oversight and coordination, with prior agreement between Guest(s) and Agent.

ELECTRICITY CHARGES: Guest’s rental charges are based on normal electricity usage. We recommend that you turn off air conditioning when gone and that you ensure all doors and windows are shut if the air conditioning is on. In the event that Guest’s usage results in unusually high electricity charges, Guest agrees to pay for the additional charges beyond those deemed normal for the Property. A 3.5% Payment Processing Fee will be added to this charge.

INDEMNITY/DISPUTES/JURISDICTION: Guest agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Owner and Agent from all claims, disputes, litigation, judgments, costs and attorney fees resulting from loss, damage, or injury to Guest and guests or their personal property. Owner and agent are not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced items. Guest is also aware of the inherent risks to person and property while occupying residences near the ocean or that have pool/Jacuzzi features.

Any and all claims, controversies or disputes arising out of or relating to this contract/agreement, or the breach thereof, which remain unresolved after direct negotiations between the parties, shall first be submitted to confidential Mediation in accordance with the Rules, Procedures, and Protocols for Mediation of Disputes of Dispute Prevention & Resolution, Inc., then in effect. If any issues, claims or disputes remain unresolved after mediation concludes, the parties agree to submit any such issues to binding arbitration before one arbitrator in accordance with the Rules, Procedures, and Protocols for Arbitration of Disputes of Dispute Prevention & Resolution, Inc., then in effect. The parties further agree that the award of the arbitrator is binding upon the parties and that judgment upon the award rendered may be entered in any court of competent jurisdiction.

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Hawaii. All disputes or claims pertaining to the Agreement shall be adjudicated in the State of Hawaii, County of Honolulu.



LAND USE ORDINANCE COMPLIANCE: In accordance with City and County of Honolulu Land Use Ordinance section 21-10.1, this property is provided to you, exclusively, for a period of 30 days or greater. You are electing to occupy this property for the exact days outlined in the booking details. By law, the property cannot be rented to or occupied by other tenants during any portion of the 30-day term. If you should choose to occupy the property for additional nights within the 30-day rental term, a full payment of any additional charges must be made prior to such occupancy. Elite Pacific Properties may modify the actual dates of the 30-day or longer Rental Period at its discretion up until the Arrival Date.

PROPERTY USAGE CHARGE: Guest understands and agrees that the Rental Charges are determined based on Guest’s planned Arrival and Departure dates, and that Owner and Agent incur significant costs based on the number of days that Guest actually occupies and uses the Property. Guest further understands and agrees that in the event that they occupy the Property for more days than specified, based on the Arrival Date and Departure Date, that Guest will pay an additional Property Usage Charge, plus state and county General Excise and Transient Accommodation Taxes thereon; and Guest authorizes Agent to charge their credit card on file for the full amount of that Property Usage Charge (if any), plus taxes, plus a Credit Card Processing Fee of 3.5%.



Guest acknowledges that all Four Seasons Resort Hualalai daily resort fees and all other resort charges incurred during your stay are not included in the rent. Four Seasons Resort Hualalai daily resort fees and all other resort charges incurred during your stay are the sole responsibility of the Guest and are paid directly to the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai.

After confirmation of your reservation, we will register your party with the Club Concierge group at the Four Seasons Resort at Hualalai who will work directly with you on establishing your resort charge account. Upon arrival at the Resort, the Guest is required to visit the Residential Concierge/Services offices. These offices are located next to the spa/fitness center retail shop and near the Hualalai Trading Company retail store. The Guest may check in with the Residential Concierge, who shall ask the Guest to complete certain registration documents and take a credit card imprint for billing purposes. The Residential Concierge will issue a resort charge card to the Guest which is valid during occupancy for the various Hualalai Resort and Four Seasons Hotel amenities. 


PAYMENT INFORMATION: 50% of the total reservation is due now in order to confirm this reservation. The remaining balance will be due 60 days prior to arrival. The balance will be charged to your credit card on file. If you wish to make other payment arrangements, you will be required to contact us no later than 67 days prior. If the balance has not been paid by the due date, it will be charged to your credit card on file.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Guest shall inform Agent in writing of Guest’s intention to cancel the reservation. (For reservations made through third parties, additional cancellation policies may apply.) The cancellation policy is as follows:

(1) Any change of dates is subject to Agent/Owner approval. Any request to cancel must be provided in writing to Guest's Agent. Guest-initiated cancellation will result in the loss of rental payments unless the accommodation is re-Rented by another party for all of the same dates and at the same rate. A prorata refund may be available for partial re-Rentals or re-rentals under certain circumstances. All cancellations, including pro-rata refunds, are subject to a cancellation service deduction. No refund for unused nights, late arrival, early departure, no-shows or for reserved and paid but unused services. Should guest fail to make payment on or by the due date, the reservation may be declared in default and all monies paid to date may become liquidated damages, and the reservation may be considered cancelled by guest.
(2) Refunds will be available to Guest if the property becomes damaged and is subsequently deemed unfit for habitation by Property Manager or Owner and no acceptable substitute can be found. If the property is withdrawn from the owner or property manager’s rental program, then the owner may initiate a cancellation and you may then expect a full refund of all rental fees and taxes paid to date. Lodging cancellation, trip cancellation, trip interruption coverage is available from 3rd party providers. We strongly recommend you arrange for coverage in the event you must cancel your trip.
(3) Owner/Agent Cancellation Policy: In the unlikely event that the Property becomes unavailable for any part of the tenancy for reasons beyond the control of the Agent, Owner and/or Agent may cancel this Agreement and refund in full to the Guest all payments made. Agent will assist in procuring similar alternative accommodation should this situation arise. Guest agrees that any claims against Owner/Agent arising out of performance or non-performance under this agreement shall be limited to a full refund of all consideration previously tendered by Guest.



By confirming a reservation with Elite Pacific Properties, LLC dba Elite Vacation Rentals, I warrant that I have read, understand and agree to all of the terms set forth above including, without limitation, the Cancellation Policy. I acknowledge that the property has specific House Rules that will be provided to me at time of confirmation of the reservation, if not previously provided. I agree to abide by the restrictions stated in the House Rules for the property, as well as all terms of this Agreement.

I understand that Elite Pacific Properties is an agent for the owner. I further understand and represent that I will explain the Vacation Rental Terms & Conditions to all individuals in my group who are authorized to stay at the property prior to their arrival. I am executing this Agreement on behalf of all individuals in my group, who agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions set forth herein.

I authorize Elite Pacific Properties to charge the card I’ve provided for payment of my reservation and/or any additional requested rental expenses incurred, and to pay for those incidentals, damage or excessive cleaning expenses incurred that are not covered for reimbursement under the Accidental Damage Protection plan. I agree to pay the 3.5% credit card surcharge fee. I also hereby confirm that the number of guests will NOT be more than stated in this agreement at any time and that violation of this policy will result in my credit card being charged maximum occupancy or double the guest fees, whichever is greater.


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