Dewayne Buratti

Associate Revenue Analyst

Dewayne Buratti started in the short-term rental management industry in the fall of 2019 when he signed on as an onboarding manager for a small start-up based in Austin, TX. As the first full-time employee, his responsibilities grew to include revenue management and leading weekly revenue management meetings with the owner and the Director of Operations. In May of 2022, he became a full-time revenue manager for a larger STR company based in Pennsylvania that managed over 150 properties. He signed an offer letter for Gather Vacations in December of 2022.

Dewayne is a former Gulf War veteran who earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management from Texas State University at San Marcos and a Master of Business Administration in Executive Leadership from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Debbie, cycling, playing games, and cooking; he also loves to work on crossword puzzles, play trivia, play video games, and travel.

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