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Why Stay with Gather?

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Every adventure starts with where you make your home base. Choosing a vacation rental is more than a decision about the place you’ll store your bags. It’s a bay window framing a perfect island sunset. It’s a barbecue with friends or family in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. It’s a box of Voodoo Donuts on the counter while you get ready for a drive to Crater Lake.

It’s the difference between a good vacation and an incredible one. A bad hotel experience can overshadow an otherwise amazing trip or event, but the perfect rental can make the whole holiday shine. Want a traveling protip? Stay with Gather Vacation Rentals.

Why stay with Gather? We’re glad you asked.

  1. Vacation rentals are awesome. You want to stay in a small room with an uncomfortable bed and a showerhead that sprays everywhere but forward? Follow your heart, but we’d rather have a whole house to ourselves. It’s nice to avoid the hallways full of slamming doors and travelers holding loud phone conversations outside your door.Vacation rentals really are a home away from home. Choose a home with a couch to relax in, and enough bedrooms that you don’t have to share a bed with Uncle Albert’s snoring. Save money for another round of windsurfing by cooking meals in your full kitchen. Come back from a night on the town to relax in a place that’s all yours.
  2. Gather has hundreds of vacation properties so you can do the beach, mountains, and seaside. Why stay with Gather? Because Gather’s everywhere you want to stay. We have hundreds of gorgeous properties in vacation spots you can’t wait to visit. Whether you’re looking for retail therapy or ready to hit the slopes, Gather has a vacation rental waiting.For nature lovers, a Gather vacation rental is a must. Mount Hood calling your name? Sure, we’ve got you. Want to climb the Fourteeners of Colorado and check out those purple mountain majesties? We’re right there with you. We have your sun, surf, and slopes right outside our doors.
  3. We have properties for every type of traveler – couples, families, friend groups, events, and more. Vacation rentals are the ideal choice for all types of travelers, from those longing for a romantic getaway to those meeting for a family reunion. Suddenly, that girls’ weekend is in reach, when you pick a Gather vacation rental and ask everyone to pitch in for a room.Did you know vacation rentals are terrific for small events? You can’t go wrong planning an intimate destination wedding in a house with the beach right down the road. All your out-of-town guests can stay for a mini-getaway while you run off on your honeymoon. (Just check your property’s occupancy limits.)
  4. We have pet-friendly options. For some people, a vacation’s not worth taking if Fluffy can’t come, too. We get it. That’s why we have pet-friendly places that give your pet room to enjoy themselves.When you stay in a hotel with your pet, you can’t help but worry that the occasional bark will wake someone who needs their rest. Or more importantly, you worry that all the noise and fuss will upset your best four-legged friend. Gather vacation rentals offer your pet relaxation, too, and won’t leave you wondering where the dog bed will fit on the floor.
  5. Gather offers local property managers to ensure guests have an amazing stay. We admit it. There are other vacation rentals available. So why stay with Gather? Because we’re always there to help if you need us.You won’t have to worry about an out-of-town landlord who sets foot in the rental twice a year. Gather ensures you have a property manager nearby to respond if an issue crops up. We want you to have an incredible stay, and we keep boots on the ground to back that up.

Gather Vacation Rentals – The Cornerstone of Adventure

Why stay with Gather? Because from couples to clans, from trips to the beach to the tops of the mountains, Gather has homes waiting to help you make happy memories. We offer scenic views and convenient getaways with access to your favorite local attractions. Bring your friends, bring your dog, and bring your sense of adventure, because you’re going on the best vacation you’ve ever taken. Book your vacation rental today!

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