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Where to Stay in Maui

  Although Maui is known as the Valley Isle, it’s the incredible beaches that make it famous. In fact, Maui has 120 miles of accessible beach that it offers up to its visitors, more than any other island in the State of Hawai’i. If you’re dreaming of swinging on a hammock with a fruity libation […]

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Why Buy a Vacation Rental in Hawaii?

If you’ve considered purchasing a vacation rental property in a major U.S. destination, Hawaii is likely to have crossed your mind. The state’s appeal to travelers is clear: for five consecutive years, it’s broken its own records for visitor arrivals and visitor spending. In particular, the three major “neighbor islands” of Maui, Kauai, and the […]

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ATV Tours On Maui: Explore Hawaii In A Brand-New Way

Hawaii is a one-of-a-kind destination that offers stunning mountain and volcano views and unparalleled surfing and beach activities. If you want your vacation to take you a bit off the beaten path to see more remote parts of the island, an ATV is a great way to get there. ATV tours on Maui have some […]

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Listing All Of The Local Hawaii Airports You Can Fly Into

As Hawaii is an Island, the only ways to reach it are by boat or by plane! Many islands, therefore, have multiple airports, both major and regional. The major Hawaii airports generally have the following advantages: • They provide more flights and airlines, making it easier for travelers to find a flight that fits their […]

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Choosing a Hawaiian Island for Your Vacation

Whether you’re planning a relaxing honeymoon, a family retreat, or an activity-filled getaway, your dream vacation awaits on one of the Hawaiian Islands. Before you pack your bags, get to know each island’s unique identity… Home to Pearl Harbor and known as The Gathering Place, Oahu attracts more visitors than any other Hawaiian island. Those […]

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Maui Pineapple Tours: Where To Pick The Best!

Pineapples are tasty and juicy, which is why they are among the favorite fruits to enjoy during your time in Hawaii. Many of us are aware of the health benefits of pineapples, including their richness in Vitamin C that can help fight infections and strengthen our immune system. If you are planning a trip to the […]

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Travel Guide: How To Spend One Week In Maui

If you have only a week to visit Maui, then you are going to need to plan your itinerary very carefully because there are so many great things to do. You will want to take advantage of these awesome activities allowing you to create a vacation you will never forget. While it is easy to […]

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Visiting The Nakalele Blowhole In Maui

The Nakalele Blowhole Maui is a famous landmark in Hawaii. It is a natural geyser, and the combination of high surf and high tide allows it to offer an explosive and dramatic water show for visitors. The landmark is located in West Maui, between Wailuku and Kapalua, and can be seen from the trail head […]

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