What are the taxes and fees?

04/05/2015 | by Str3@ml1ne |

All transient rental accommodations in the State of Hawaii are required to charge the 9.25% Transient Accommodations Tax (TAT) and the General Excise Tax (GET). The GE Tax is 4.712% for vacation homes on the island of Hawaii and 4.167% for properties on any of the outer islands. A ‘transient’ rental is any rental contract for less than six months. If a property is rented for six months or longer then the TA Tax would not be applicable, only the GE Tax.

In addition to taxes other reservations fees could include: cleaning fees, damage protection insurance, resort fees, amenity fees, parking fees, credit card surcharge fees, reservation change fees and so on. Required fees will vary by property and all associated fees will be clearly displayed during the reservation process, whether online or on the Rental Agreement. Note that some properties may require parking and other resort fees to be paid by the guest at the time of check-in. Such fees will be described in the listing descriptions and arrival instructions.

Guests should ask their Reservations Manager any other questions they may have about taxes and fees.