Who do I call if I have a problem during my stay?

04/05/2015 | by Str3@ml1ne |

Our team works hard to provide responsive service to all of our guests. We inspect our properties prior to arrival to ensure that everything is in order. There may occasionally be something that was missed or a question about an appliance or how to operate one of the electronic devices in the vacation home. Most of our properties have a Guest Information Book for reference with some quick tips about how things work within the vacation home.

If there are any questions, concerns or suggestions during your stay feel free to email or call your Property Manager. If you are unable to reach your Property Manager you can reach out to the Reservations Manager that assisted you with the booking process.

While appliance repair issues are rare, they do occur from time to time. In the event that an appliance is faulty we appreciate guests notifying us as soon as possible so that we can begin working on a solution. Sometimes we are fortunate to be able to get an appliance repair technician to come out same day to address any issue that has come up. However, such technicians are often in demand throughout the islands so there may be times when it could take up to 48 hours for certain appliance issues to be remedied. We will always do everything in our power to expedite any repairs so that our guests are able to enjoy their time in Hawaii and the beautiful vacation home they have selected.

All of our properties undergo various forms of preventative maintenance to help reduce the likelihood of our guests experiencing any issues while they are in-house.