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Meet Andreea Grigore: The CEO of Gather Empowering Property Managers to Thrive

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The remarkable journey of Andreea Grigore, CEO of Gather, is a prime example of how life’s unpredictable twists can guide us to destinations beyond our wildest dreams. Initially, Andreea embarked on her academic and professional path by studying chemical engineering in college. However, she soon discovered her true calling in another field and decided to switch her major to finance, aiming for a career in the banking industry.

After graduating, Andreea joined Deutsche Bank, supporting the global markets and asset management executive team. Her experience there and her time as an analyst at TD Asset Management set the stage for a promising career in finance. But fate had other plans. She graduated in 2008, a notoriously challenging time for the finance industry due to the global financial crisis. As a result, the once-thriving sector that Andreea had worked so hard to break into was now in turmoil.

As a young professional driven to succeed, Andreea woke up each morning struggling to find the motivation to face the day. The difficult circumstances within the finance sector made it hard for her to see a path toward a rewarding and fulfilling future in that industry. Then, serendipitously, she met the owner of Luxury Retreats, the largest luxury villa company in the world. Andreea joined Luxury Retreats in 2009, initially intending for the role to be temporary while she figured out her career path. However, she quickly fell in love with the team, travel, and start-up culture, which was entirely different from her originally envisioned path. 

At Luxury Retreats, she marketed luxury homes and islands worldwide, starting as a liaison between guests and properties before taking on more responsibilities. Her early involvement in the start-up allowed Andreea to grow and advance within the company. She went on to oversee Travel Agent Partnerships and spearheaded the opening of new markets, including Bali, the Swiss Alps, and Morocco. In addition, she signed up properties, trained teams on market details, and managed market launches, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the vacation rental industry on a global scale.

In 2013, Andreea’s hard work paid off when she was promoted to manage Luxury Retreats’ number-one market in Hawaii. As a result, she relocated to Maui and continued her impressive career trajectory. In yet another twist of fate, Elite Pacific, a client of Luxury Retreats at the time, approached Andreea in 2016. They sought a leader for their Vacation Rentals division, and Andreea came highly recommended.

Working with Elite Pacific and its founders allowed her to build something from the ground up, tapping into her entrepreneurial spirit and taking a thrilling leap of faith. Andreea joined Elite Pacific as the Director of Vacation Rentals, and at the time, the company had only seven property managers and 90 units. She recognized the talent within the team and saw that the property managers were very much independent business owners. 

Over time, she took on more responsibilities, including the estate and long-term management divisions. Andreea sought to help the property managers focus on their core strengths and passions to facilitate the company’s growth. She accomplished this by creating a support system that effectively alleviated property managers’ workload and back-end responsibilities. This approach allowed the company to scale while enabling property managers to concentrate on what they do best.

In 2021, Elite Pacific made the decision to split and become their own brokerage, expanding the property management division into its own company, Gather. Andreea saw an opportunity to expand the business to the mainland and set out to grow the company’s footprint. Gather now boasts a team of more than 30 property managers across the US, with plans for continued growth and expansion.

Gather’s success can be attributed to its unique property management approach, which draws inspiration from the real estate brokerage model. As independent business owners, property managers benefit from having support and resources available to help grow their businesses. Gather’s solution provides exceptional services to property managers while preserving their independence and entrepreneurial drive, setting it apart from other property management companies that offer minimal support.

Andreea’s inspiring journey and innovative approach to property management have not only led her to personal and professional success but also to the founding of Gather, a company that prides itself on supporting and empowering property managers to build their own successful businesses. With its unique approach and commitment to excellence, Gather continues to make its mark in the vacation rental industry, leaving a lasting impression on guests and property owners alike.

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