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Why Hawaii in January is a Good Idea

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Ahhh, January. Gifts have been opened, meals have been shared with family, and the glass ball has dropped in Times Square as we welcomed the new year. It’s time for a fresh start! Except the sky is still gray and the cold, still unforgiving, not exactly fostering the feelings of refreshment and reinvigoration one might hope for at this time of year. 

Why not recover from your holiday hangover in one of the most beautiful places on earth? Here’s why Hawaii in January is a good idea.

Better Prices

November and December are exceptionally busy, therefore expensive, travel months, with millions of people traveling across the country to be with loved ones during the holidays or families visiting wintery destinations while the kids are on break from school. 

But travel tends to decline in January, resulting in lower prices on everything from flights to house and car rentals.


After the mad rush of holiday travel is over, airlines are looking for ways to fill their seats. This occurrence often leads to exceptional deals on airfare, including to Hawaii. In fact, deals on inter-island flights are common, making your dream of visiting multiple islands on one trip attainable. 

For as low as $79.00 for roundtrip tickets from Honolulu to the Big Island, you can see the snow atop Mauna Kea or the lava lake in Halema’uma’u Crater, an incredible value for experiences that some might call priceless.

House Rentals

Avoid hotels and high-end resorts if possible—especially during the first week of January when elevated prices are still in place. A better option is to reserve an entire home. For example, accommodations with Elite Pacific Vacations boast the most luxurious retreats Hawaii has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a one-bedroom condo for a quiet couple’s trip or a three-story estate for your entire family, there is something for every price point without sacrificing comfort or beauty. 

Car Rentals

Hawaii has some of the country’s highest rental car prices. The prices are further inflated during the summer months and the holiday season. Prices do trend down in January, so you’ll be able to save a bit of your hard-earned money by traveling in shoulder season. 

To score the best deal, book a car rental with free cancellation as far in advance as possible, then continue to check prices, canceling and rebooking if necessary, all the way up until a couple of days before your trip.

Amazing Weather

While some travelers might hesitate to travel to Hawaii during January, unsure if winter is the right time to take a beach vacation, there’s no reason to worry. You’ll still get the best weather on the planet, with temperatures typically ranging from the mid-60s to the low-80s. Higher elevations can experience much colder weather, especially on Maui and the Big Island, giving visitors the full gamut. 

In general, you’ll experience mostly sunny days, and the ocean temperature is still balmy, with an average of 76 degrees. So, you’ll definitely want to hit the beach and go for a swim. 

Winter also brings monster surf to the north and west shore of most islands, which means that professional surfers have a chance to display their surfing prowess—watching them brave 20- to 30-foot waves is an awe-inspiring experience.

Fewer Crowds

As travelers finish up their holiday vacations, you’ll find beaches and restaurants significantly emptier throughout January than during the busiest months of July and December, ensuring a more laid-back vacation. Wanted to try that restaurant with no wait? Or need a more private day on the beach? January is the time. 

Must-See Events

While you’re visiting, take advantage of some unique and rewarding experiences only available at this particular time of year. 

Chinese New Year

Join the locals in wishing each other “Kung Hee Fat Choy,” or Happy New Year! Oahu hosts the most popular Chinese New Year event in the state, which takes place toward the end of the month near downtown Honolulu in one of the oldest Chinatowns in the country. The vibrant celebration includes traditional lion dances, live music, martial arts demos, and booths full of aromatic delicacies.

Sony Open in Hawai’i PGA Tour

Golf lovers won’t want to miss the Sony Open PGA Tour held annually at Waialae Country Club on the south shore of O’ahu. This week-long charity golf tournament attracts some of the sport’s top professionals playing to raise money for more than 100 non-profit organizations.

Pacific Island Arts Festival

Held annually in sprawling Kapi’olani Park near Waikiki, the Pacific Island Arts Festival brings together over 100 local artisans who offer their one-of-a-kind artwork for sale. Support local artists as you purchase a new piece for your collection and enjoy live music and scrumptious dishes from local food vendors.

Surf Competitions 

The north shore of Oahu is home to several surf competitions in January, including the Volcom Pipeline Pro and the Billabong Pro Pipeline. Both events take place at Banzai Pipeline, often considered the ultimate venue for high-stakes surf competitions thanks to its shallow reef and large waves.

Whale Watching

January is the peak of whale watching season in Hawaii. Taking a whale watching tour, especially off the coast of Maui, almost guarantees you’ll get a chance to spot these intelligent and playful animals in their natural environment.

Incredible Retreats

Starting the new year by taking a trip to Hawaii is a great first step, but it’s the accommodations you reserve that make the ultimate difference. 

With over 400 quality rentals throughout Hawaii, Elite Pacific Vacations offers the most luxurious, exclusive retreats. From beautiful bungalows overlooking the ocean on the Big Island to large condos right on the golf course, Elite invests in each property to ensure it is of the highest quality. 

Concierge services are provided with each stay to offer more convenience for guests. They can arrange for activities and in-home services specialized to your needs, so all you have to do is relax and enjoy your vacation.

Whether you’re looking to feel like royalty, with cavernous spaces and upscale finishes, enjoy incredible views, or drift off to sleep in a relaxing oasis, Elite Pacific Vacations provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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